Creature World

You have arrived in a nearby magical dimension of love, divine intervention, and possibility. 10,000 unique Creatures are here to guide you on this journey. Follow their lead.

Creature World’s self titled series of 10,000 digital artworks are a childhood dream brought to life:

Art that is real enough for you to climb into and exist within.

These artworks take you on an ongoing adventure through a nearby magical world, The Creature World, by allowing you to journey through immersive digital realms where you exist as your Creature.

These realms invite you on a journey of discovery. With an array of possible paths to go down each time, you are faced with the question: Who am I?

Based on how you answer that in The Creature World, your art piece reflects your decisions by updating and growing alongside you.

Your Creature is also your access to Creature Labs:

A creative lab exploring the potential of interaction with artwork using web3 technology.

The lab’s first project was Creature Playground; Creatures were sent one of seven possible pieces of a playground as NFTs. The mission? Collaborate with your peers to put all seven pieces together to create a complete Playground and be rewarded.

In the spirit of creative experimentation, Creature Labs will be rolling out a series of participatory art projects for Creature holders throughout 2022.

The Journey

The Inception

Danny Cole and the Creature World was born. Read more about the origins of the wonderful place the Creatures call home here.

The First Journey - Ascension

10,000 digital Creature artworks were released into the world and claimed by venturing into the first virtual Creature World. Each artwork is a unique portrait of a Creature, and serves as a ticket to participate in Creature World experiences we call “Journeys.”

The Playground

A puzzle powered by teamwork: Every Creature holder was sent an artwork that was 1 of 7 parts. By combining your piece with the 6 missing ones held by your peers, you got both a digital and physical artwork of a playground inhabited by 7 creatures, commemorating and immortalizing the reward of togetherness.

Creature Playground NYC (with OpenSea)

An 80 foot inflatable Creature World bouncy house adventure course — attendees raced through the Creature World with friends at The Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC.

The Second Journey - The Creature Finds Its Voice

Our second visitation to The Creature World: You wake up in the clouds. A Creature engulfed in a suit of clouds approaches you and tries to speak, but you struggle to respond as you’ve never used your voice before. Your new friend understands and brings you to explore the different ways Creatures can use their voices. Upon discovering your voice, your Creature gets a new mouth to match.

Creature World Clothing Line (with Advisry)

Wearable art, made with friends, made with love.

Creature Holder Exclusive Varsity Jacket

An everyday wear and a conversation starter made exclusively for our family.


A video about who we are, where we come from, and where we’re going. Watch it here.

Second Journey Claim

Upon the closure of the second journey, holders will be able to claim an art piece specific to their experience in The Creature Finds It’s Voice.

Traveling Creature

The second release from Creature Labs; a collaborative art experience pushing the boundaries of web3 technology.


The Creature wants to play with you in Minneapolis... coming soon.


A series of dinners, meetups and events on our home turf. See you there.


How can I participate?

One single Creature grants access to all Creature World exclusive experiences.

Where can I get a Creature?

All 10,000 creatures have already been distributed by us and are now only available on the secondary market. Visit OpenSea or NiftyGateway to get one. Coming to Coinbase NFT soon.

How can I check my Creature’s rarity?

Creature World does not live on any rarity sites. If you love your Creature, you have the rarest Creature in the universe.

Do I have IP rights over my creature?

While we encourage people to make content and derivative artwork of their Creature, no one is granted commercial license or IP ownership.

The Team


Artist | Co-Founder



Operations | Co-Founder